Rebellion - John  Ling This was my first John Ling book. I was keen to read this as I grew up in New Zealand but have spent 12 years overseas so I liked the cross-cultural element. In regards to that element it was very well handled - there were a couple of references that I think were very much a nod to the New Zealand element "internalising a really complicated situation" anyone? This was a brief lightening of a really complex story that I very much enjoyed. I think I learnt quite a bit about different faiths too with the way the story unfolded.

I felt the writing was sharp and vivid and had a clarity of description that wasn't too flowery and kept pace with the quickly unfolding story. It was not the most complex of stories but it was told with a really clear voice and I would totally recommend this novel (though it is pretty short, but that has given me an appetite for more by the same author.