The Former Chief Executive

The Former Chief Executive - Kate Vane I received this book to review but took some time to actually get around to reading it. Surprisingly the cover sort of put me off thinking it would be about the life after having power.

I guess this was covered in this short novel but it might have been more apt to call it the retired widow. The fact of the past worklife is not as relevant to the story as the current relationships and the imprint of some past events. I don't think I was expecting quite such a lot of "british suburban detail" as it struck me from the description there might be more corporate/NHS/media or similar societal factors.

I thought the writing was clear and descriptive and the range of characters was broad and I think it would appeal to a wide audience. For me the end was quite abrupt and although the climax was definitely being worked up to for some time it felt a bit blunt in the end and the ins and outs could have definitely had more exploration. The revelations were well handled throughout the novel and definitely had a few surprises. I did not think there was much that was not relevant to the story included which made it a nice tight story. I will definitely try something else by the same author again.