Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuire I enjoyed this book almost against my better judgement.

There were huge cliches, there was two dimensional characters and still I kept reading keenly. The language was engaging and the storyline kept you engaged.

I definitely think this is a great wet weekend companion - nothing too intense but very engaging. The only issue for me was the constant violence was a little off putting (but I like my books pretty low on this feature in general. The descriptive terms were almost too clear and accurate for me to feel comfortable with the violence exhibited - but I do think that is just my issue.

The main characters were interesting in their naive natures combined with their optimism which I felt was a great indicator of the author's understanding of youth. The simple scenarios were well described and I was wanting the "happily ever after" for the characters I liked. There were a few red herrings that I felt were a great indicator of the skill of the writer not just throwing out morsels that always came to fruition...

I would recommend if you are ok with fights being described in detail in your romances :-)