Me Before You

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes i guess if you stay up until 2.30am to finish it you really like a book. I felt this was well written, explored interesting ideas but for me was actually a little short (otherwise it would have been a 5 star review). I couldn't fault the language/description/story/characters on the whole.

I admit I was a little confused at the seemingly random change of first person but usually noticed we had switched pretty quickly but something that was used towards the end a lot more than in the early chapters.

I would totally recommend this book - it is interesting, lively and easy to read on a fairly tough subject. I felt the lack of maudlin and deep inward reflection was appropriate and made the story chug along a lot quicker and left you feeling the emotion as it was not spoon fed to you.

I admit the only reason I actually chose to read this was I saw a short trailer for the film and have slightly lower expectations of that so I wanted in with what I guessed would be the higher quality novel which will probably not be as detailed an exploration as the book but I hope it does it justice.