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Testing out this photo thing
Testing out this photo thing

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Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit - Gerald Hansen This book took a while to get going for me. I enjoyed the main character and especially the cross cultural elements. I found a few characters completely unbelievable but I think that might be the point.

It was a good explore of what happens when you operate with a completely different "compass"

I would recommend this book as a fairly light read - its not all flowers and chocolates though. The style is very easy to read and you just need to keep the time period you are in correct in your head or you will wonder why a particular person is doing or saying something. That said it wasn't too hard to pick up and keep reading. If you like a bit of a twist but a strong end this is for you.

Truly Madly Guilty

Truly Madly Guilty - Liane Moriarty I was surprised that this felt like a "harder read" than some of the other Liane Moriarty books I have read. I am not sure I identified with enough of the characters or their situations but it was still skillfully woven around very ordinary lives. I tried it back during christmas and gave up on the hardback for another more topical read and didn't get back to it until the beginning of this month. I tend to read most days in my lunch breaks so maybe this would be suited to a holiday read (longer sessions of reading). I found it wasn't much of a "can't put it down book" and I don't think I ever stayed up later than I should have trying to get to the next bit.

The style was similar to the Big Little Lies and Three Wishes though which for me were much more gripping reads. I like her style and the way in which the details are written in very vividly. Basically I can't get enough of these books and the only reason I didn't give it five is that my expectations are probably quite high given the twists/reveals in earlier books so I might have been looking for more of a surprise journey. However I cannot fault the writing or the story or the pace. Maybe I just needed not to be sitting reading in the rain in the suburbs as it felt a little too ordinary at parts :)

Would recommend for fans but not necessarily as your first taste of the author.

Second Life

Second Life - S.J.  Watson I found this book heavy going in places. I am not sure I was ready to dislike the main character quite as much as I did. It is difficult to write a less than sympathetic core collection of characters and this is a good example of it being done quite well.

I liked some of the details/descriptions and style this was written but overall for me it was a bit grim. I think if you like these sorts of "tied up tightly together" stories it is well written.

I found the pace was slow for the last 1/3 of the book but that may have been again related to not identifying well with the core characters and therefore not feeling empathetic to their situation. I appreciate this is my interpretation and I cannot fault the writing - it is just not for me in this case.

The Last Day

The Last Day - Emily Organ Well written, good characters but a little more detailed descriptions would have helped in some parts (would have made it a longer book though)

I enjoyed the set up and the threads that continued right through the story. In a lot of ways not much happened but somehow it was still a good read.

Just the Way You Are

Just the Way You Are - Lynsey James a bit boring to be honest. i expected a bit more as I have liked other books by the author but I will try again with another read

One Plus One

One Plus One - Jojo Moyes i realised about a quarter of the way through that I had already read this some time ago. It was an easy and uneventful read (well except for all the little dramas I couldn't remember). Probably not my favourite by this author but I would try others as in general I do enjoy Jojo Moyes

My So-Called (Love) Life

My So-Called (Love) Life - A. L. Michael I actually realised I had already read this book when I got to about the second chapter. But it was good and light and keep me entertained. The main character (Tig) is written with a lightness and humour that betrays her situation but makes you kind of want things to go well. Unfortunately the male characters in the book felt a bit light on depth and quite two-dimensional at points. I would recommend this is if you enjoy a classic "girl gets it together" story set against a very idealistic world. It was lovely escapism but I think it will fade quickly and I wouldn't be surprised if I picked it up again in a few years having forgotten what happened.


Inferno - Dan Brown I found this one had a bit much art history for me personally but the underlying story was great. I think it explored some interesting ideas in a very simple way. I did think the female characters were a bit one-dimensional.

I would recommend if you liked the DaVinci code but not if your tastes run to Digital Fortress

One Moment, One Morning

One Moment, One Morning - Sarah Rayner I enjoyed the characters in this as the three key individuals were quite different and approached the same situation with some clear views influenced by their previous experiences which was reflected really well. Interestingly "not a lot happened along the way" and the conclusion therefore did not have a sudden clarity and closure that I enjoy but that I feel is a personal style thing. There was no big sudden twist of ending which was good and it did tie up some loose ends but I guess the point of the story for me was an exploration of reaction rather than a journey to a conclusion.

The Other Woman

The Other Woman - Jane Green I struggled with so much of the selfish in this book. This doesn't mean it was badly written or that it was not engaging it was more I couldn't relate. I thought it was a very interesting investigation and in some ways I enjoyed the middle most in this story as that is where I was most comfortable with the unusual characters. The ending for me is the reason I can't give it five stars but I would say a very good read if it works for you.

The Other Half

The Other Half - Sarah Rayner I struggled with this book. I struggled with the characters resonating honestly for me. I don't think it was badly written I just don't think it was for me. I kept reading which speaks to the story being well developed but I feel for me (and only me) the characters were not my cup of tea. I don't know if it was because their responses were too simple or if it was that I have never met people who make those choices so clearly when life is chaotic. I would suggest starting this if you like escapism but not if you like realism

Vets in Love (Talyton St George, #6)

Vets in Love (Talyton St George, #6) - Cathy Woodman More of the same. Light reading of the same characters. Great if you like them - annoying if you don't, a bit like an episode of a sitcom

One Step Too Far

One Step Too Far - Tina Seskis This book as been sitting on my "to read" pile by my bed for quite some time. I finally embarked on reading it and found it a lot lighter and easier reading than expected. The blurb gave me the idea it was going to be a bit harrowing. Surprisingly I found it lighter than expected and a nice read. The ending was very rushed feeling which was my only disappointment. Would definitely read more by the same auther.

That Girl From Nowhere

That Girl From Nowhere - Dorothy Koomson i felt this was an interesting exploration. i enjoyed some of the characters but definitely found a few a bit two-dimensonal. I was surprised at how large the cast was and I think a good few were not necessary and the story could have unfolded well without them. All in all it was a quick and easy read for me

Walking Disaster

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire disappointing compared to the Beautiful Disaster book. I think these two should have somehow been intertwined. Maybe because I knew how the story would unfold I didn't find this a good or interesting read. It didn't ring with the same authenticity as Beautiful Disaster. Would definitely read more by the author though.

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