Consolation Prize

Consolation Prize - Abbie St. Claire This one was not for me. I think it moved just far too quickly from "she looks nice" to "she is the love of my life" and I just couldn't move that quickly without a bit more buildup and information.

The writing was vivid and descriptive but sometimes a little clumsy and obvious for me - I think if you were very stressed/distracted it would be an easy read but I found it just a bit too in your face and not subtle enough in the descriptions or the storyline.

It is a simple story, girl and boy meet, like each other, have dramas, ends. There was nothing particularly engaging about either of the main characters as they seemed a bit bland and simple and not very aware of others. Not for me but I can see how it might appeal to others. I will say it was short which was good as I started to want to have it done pretty early on and I don't like to not finish a book.